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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Soft Shoe - For Those Alone (1978 uk, delicate folk rock with psych traces, 2007 issue)

"For Those Alone"  originally released in 1978, this incredibly rare privately pressed UK progressive folk album was the product of Ron Fellows and Paul Toplis, and features strong vocals and intriguing arrangements, superbly presented in 12" X 12" gatefold card sleeve with the disc mounted on a 12" card insert, housed in sticker-numbered PVC dust jacket!) Limited to 777 copies!

Elegant sensitive acoustic ballads, sometimes turns to electric, kneating with colored psychedelic reminiscences. There's one song with Italian lyrics, grafted with traditional local folk. 

1. Say I Love You To Me Please - 3:52
2. Out On The Plain - 3:36
3. Anna - 3:11
4. Let Me Be The One - 3:00
5. She Dosn't Care About You Anymore - 3:34
6. For Those Alone - 5:02
7. Girl In A Million - 3:45
8. The Sky Is Crying - 5:11
9. Final Curtain - 4:01
10.Trailer - 4:27
Music and Lyrics by Ron Fellows, Paul Toplis

The Soft Shoe
*Ron Fellows - Vocals, Rhythm, 12 String Guitars, Mandolin, Percussion
*Paul Toplis - Vocals, Lead, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Organ, Synth

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